Zero Latency

The Inversion VR System lets you inhabit worlds.Unprecedented immersion allows you to explore your creations in real time 3D, train for dangerous situations in complete safety and fully immerse yourself in a video game. See the future today, as it will be tomorrow.

If you need to sell a concept or demonstrate a prototype, the Inversion VR system brings the wow factor with full field of view virtual reality that lets the audience explore your vision by simply walking into it. We can import and present any 3D model, complete with your textures and materials. All rendered in realtime with Unity 3D and Oculus Rift.

Our system is available for lease, purchase or event hire right now. Talk to us about customising a marketing experience that your customers and clients will never forgot, showcasing your latest product or architectural concepts; or simply hire the system to entertain guests at your next function or conference with one of our immersive VR games.

Using state of the art motion capture technology and electronics we provide the most immersive VR experience available today. Our system is fully wireless; with over an hour of non-stop play and no weird treadmills or game console controllers getting in the way.

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